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The Physician Assistance Program (PAP) at Employee Assistance of the Pacific is available to support physicians and healthcare workers and their unique work/life needs.

The intermittent or repetitive high level challenges typical of Physicians and healthcare workers can lead to difficulty finding a work/life balance. Long periods of daily stress could lead to minor bouts of fatigue or chronic burnout. Low job satisfaction can improve with short-term support. More significantly, some unsupported or poorly managed issues can lead to escalating depression, poor conflict resolution, deteriorating time management, relationship problems, physical health concerns, and at the extreme, an increased risk of addictions and even suicide.  Clearly these risks can also impact careers, families, and entire health care systems.

The confidential, free, and professional services of your PAP assists covered physicians and healthcare workers as well as their household members. In addition to counseling and coaching, the PAP benefits include free legal, financial, and eldercare consultation to help you manage those life issues that impact your work.

The licensed professionals at Employee Assistance of the Pacific – your local PAP team – understand and are sensitive to the unique demands of Hawaii physicians and health care providers. Our providers are available 24/7, offering free, short-term, confidential individual and family support to help you sustain your practice of medicine and your personal life.